HTwins STEM+

We are a branch of the HTwins community that are collectively interested in science, technology, engineering, and maths.

Who are we?

We are a community of people online who are all interested in science, technology, engineering, maths, and more.
We originated as a channel on the HTC server, but have since spilled over into our own server.
I suck at writing descriptions.

What do we do?

HTwins STEM+ is an online forum for everything STEM. If you've got any STEM related questions, there are hundreds of people waiting to answer them.
We also have numerous projects on the go, both as a community and as individuals.
.. Yep. I still suck.

Join Us!

You can find us on Discord, but we also have community GitHub and GitLab pages.

Discord GitHub GitLab is a version of Cary Huang's game GOLAD written using web technologies to facilitate all different devices.
It's currently being written and worked on, but you can find a "live" version here.
There's also a GitHub repository for it over at so go check that out!